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Generator Monitor: via GenMon on a Raspberry Pi 3B+

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In relation to a GitHub project by jgyates, called genmon.

I currently have the software (Python scripts) running on a Rpi 3B+, with Raspbien 10 (Buster). i have ordered the adapter plug to make an RS232 cable to connect to my Honeywell (Generac) 15KW, air-cooled, LP gas generator. i have also ordered a Serial Server, so that i can connect a shorter RS232 cable between that and my generator, and use a more stable (over distance) Ethernet cable connected to my network. the software then connects to the Serial Server, and communicates with the generator.
now, it will take a while for my Serial Server to arrive from the slow-boat from China, so in the mean-time, i found my two Xbee transceivers, and an RS232 adapter (converts TTL serial to RS232 serial). so after i make the RS232 cable, i can connect it to my generator, and see if it all works.
still waiting for the adapter plug though...


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