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on: 2016-09-07, 17:52:31
First of all, any posts, or content that violates USA laws, will be reported to the authorities.
Second, keep it clean! this means no porn in the forum, or the galleries (or anywhere for that matter).
Third, try to keep it professional. this means no flame wars, among a variety of other things.

I run this server as a hobby, and as such, i don't need any problems. forum/website abuse will not be handled lightly.

the most important rule: Keep it fun!


Where to post your topics:
General Category: General, or Off-Topic conversations. but keep it clean, and professional!
Project Brainstorm: got a project you are working on? feel free to talk about it here. if you need a Board that is not covered, you can request it by contacting the Admin (Myself).
Site Support:Need help? post here.
Moderator Comment Admins and Mods: A place for Moderators and Admin to have private (non-public) conversations.
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