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Solar Power: EPEver Tracer 40A, with MT50, NewPowa 100W 12V (Polycrystalline)

Travis Farmer · 13

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well, my first attempt seems to be a failure. perhaps i need to change some configuration settings. the panel maxed out at 0.8A, in direct sunlight, and a supposedly fully charged lawn-tractor battery (300CCA, Ah unknown), the diesel heater drawing only 8.8A (startup, glo-plug heating), it sucked the battery voltage down to 11.4V. very odd indeed. i am putting the battery on a plug-in charger to fully charge, and then we will see if it still fails to perform.
I got the 300CCA battery because i didn't think the heater, and whatever else i add to it, would need a large battery, and also i figured the solar panel would perform better... so therefore, the first try is a failure.


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