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My Project Boat / Re: Rebuild Notes
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2018-08-06, 23:41:32 »
current line of thought is that i plan on eliminating the fly-bridge, in favor of a plain roof. this will also make it easier to mount my radar dome, GPS antenna, and CB antenna.

My Project Boat / Re: Rebuild Notes
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2018-08-04, 11:38:40 »
Forgot to update this...
I have gotten the engine to run, though in the process i discovered that the exhaust manifold on the port side looks like it was freeze cracked, and water poured out when i added water to run the engine. this is unexpected, but seems to be right along my luck so far.  ;)

due to the plethora of wires with rotten/crumbling insulation, i have decided to re-wire the boat, just so i know it is all good, and don't have to worry about an electrical fire. i have already purchased an engine wire harness... well, actually it is 7-wire trailer light cable, but it was cheaper, and i will make it work. the engine electrical is fairly simple anyway. even with the fly-bridge wiring, it should be easier with less wires. the cable should provide enough for start, ignition, and the tach, oil pressure, water temp, and two extra if needed. i will be eliminating the Amps gauge, in favor of a volts gauge (so i can upgrade to a 1-wire alternator).
then i just have to figure out the other wiring, such as the outdrive tilt electrical, bilge blower fan, bilge pump, running lights... and i think that covers the basics.

I have a marine radar for the boat, so i will have to build a tip-down radar arch. as i plan on building a GPS chart-plotter using a Raspberry Pi, i will also have to make a mount on the arch for the GPS antenna, in such a way that the radar won't cause interference. this simply means the GPS will have to be mounted either higher or lower than the radar dome. i will also need to have space on the dash for the monitor for the Rpi chart-plotter. but that is a ways down the road on my ToDo list.

My father and i have jacked the boat up on the trailer in preparation for replacing the rollers, as well as making better support for the boat. i also plan on using, if any is left-over, some of the 7-wire cable for wiring up a better trailer electrical hookup. i was never a fan of the 4-wire trailer connectors. they are a pain to plug in, as compared to the 7-blade RV style connector.

My Project Boat / Rebuild Notes
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2018-07-15, 10:22:10 »
Ok, first, to catch up:

2018-07-13: i added Marvel Mystery Oil to each engine cylinder, used compressed air to drive the oil deep into the piston rings.

2018-07-14: i checked the engine oil for water contamination, then i put a breaker bar on the crank bolt and vigorously shook it back and forth in short strokes. i noticed movement, and i worked it back and forth in progressively longer strokes. at this time i noticed the distributor jumping around. i already expected it was seized, so i removed it. the engine then turned full cycles. i connected the battery, and used the screwdriver approach to activate the starter, and was so pleased to see it cranking, that i didn't care about the Marvel Mystery Oil blowing out the spark plug holes everywhere.   :D

now that i am up to date, i hope today to be able to at least get the key-switch to activate the ignition and starter. the electrical is a little scary, so who knows. i hope the main wire harness is salvageable. following that, i should check the wires for the gauges.

in order to test-fire the engine, i still need to get a distributor, change the oil, and verify no water leaks, after finding the water inlet... (apparently not part of the sterndrive, perhaps.) i should also have a fire-extinguisher handy, just in case. i also need an alternator, now that i think about it. no alternator = no belt = no water-pump = not good.

one thing i noticed. there looks like a crack in the starboard exhaust header... once i check for water leaks, and fire the engine, it should be more apparent if it is a crack.  :'(

So, Wal-Mart sells (special order) a rather tall flag pole kit. what i want to do, is stick my 20' vertical on top. with my limited knowledge of antennas (can't learn without experimenting), i am sure it will not be a perfect antenna, but so-be-it.
I will have to insulate the antenna from the flag-pole. my thinking is to embed the base of the 20' sectional into another pipe, and fill epoxy around it. perhaps even some sort of Bondo product. that covers the antenna portion, but being off the ground, i can't just simply drive a metal stake into the ground, and connect it to the coax shield. i will need some sort of ground plane, that i think has to be also insulated from the flag pole. i can take some aluminum rod, and arrange them into a sort of cone, below the antenna. the problem with this, is putting out, and taking in the antenna will be more time consuming. i will have to think more on that aspect... maybe just 4 radials, with a sort of quick disconnect system... i also don't want to impale myself when lowering the antenna to work on it, or take it in. maybe if rather than a cone, if i have flat radials, perpendicular to the antenna.

General Discussion / README: Forum Rules
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2016-09-07, 17:52:31 »
First of all, any posts, or content that violates USA laws, will be reported to the authorities.
Second, keep it clean! this means no porn in the forum, or the galleries (or anywhere for that matter).
Third, try to keep it professional. this means no flame wars, among a variety of other things.

I run this server as a hobby, and as such, i don't need any problems. forum/website abuse will not be handled lightly.

the most important rule: Keep it fun!


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