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My CNC Router / Re: Progress with my CNC Router
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-08-11, 22:47:41 »
yellow wire:counter knife
red:machine protection
green:power -
black: power +

So that's like a 65mS (65000uS) period.
Create a simple timer that starts when a read of pin changes from low to high,
wait for to go low, then look for the next high.
If the time is more than 65mS, you missed a pulse. If you want to miss 2 or 3 before calling it an error, do that.
Or check for a high/low or low/high transition every 32500uS, and look for 4 or 6 or whatever missing edges.

You could use digitalRead(), or read a port/pin directly. So maybe something like this. All time elements are unsigned long.

void loop(){
while ((PORTD & 0x04) == 0x04){
// wait for a high
while ((PORTD & 0x04) == 0x00){
// wait for a low to start looking
// okay, go find a good high

if ( (PORTD && 0x04) == 0x04){ // look for a 1 on Uno D2 for example
risingEdgeTime = micros();
while ((PORTD && 0x04) == 0x04){// wait for it to go low
// waiting
fallingEdgeTime = micros();
halfPeriodLowTime = fallingEdgeTime - risingEdgeTime;
if (halfPeriodLowTime <=32500){
Serial.println("bad low half period");
else {
// good time span
} // use ( ) here maybe?

while ((PORTD &&0x04) == 0){ //wait for it to go high
// waiting
risingEdgeTime = micros();
halfPeriodHighTime = risingEdgeTime - fallingEdgeTime;
if (halfPeriodHighTime <=32500){
Serial.println("bad high half period");
else {
// good time span
} // use ( ) here maybe?
} // end while
} // end loop
General Discussion / Re: Cyber-bullies
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-07-21, 10:18:28 »
P.O. Box 783

hateful troll

From the Arduino Forum.

fakes intelligence, yet when providing his version of "help", tends to be very condescending.
Vicious hateful troll.
General Discussion / Cyber-bullies
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-07-21, 10:10:39 »
It is of my opinion that cyber-bullies are the lowest of low. takes a big tough person to bully somebody from the safety of their computer.
Therefor, i will use this thread to publicly shame bullies with whatever contact information i can find on them.  >:(

My Project Boat / Re: Rebuild Notes
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-07-20, 11:42:14 »
I had to buy a different transom unit, that wasn't in salt-water. It even came with power steering! The problem is, the engine coupler was for the wrong size shaft...
So, i have ordered a set of couplers. I just use the one i need, and sell the rest. :D


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My Project Boat / Re: Rebuild Notes
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-06-08, 23:25:46 »
I picked up some outdrives in a bulk deal. They all use the Tru Course steering system, but fortunately, i got the transom units too. Now i just need to buy a gear to tiller steer adaptor, and i can block off the steering cable holes in the transom.


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My Project Boat / Re: Rebuild Notes
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-06-02, 22:55:20 »
Well, my outdrive may be dead in the water. It seems to be rust locked, despite filling it with marvel mystery oil.


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My CNC Router / Re: Progress with my CNC Router
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-04-20, 14:10:38 »
a lot of progress made, but a huge setback encountered.

i have the new controls rough-wired, and the machine operates perfectly.  :D
the setback though is big. my large CNC router is about 5 feet wide, and about 6 feet or so long. it just fits in the back of my CNC camper, so i have one side accessible, or two if i open the big doors. but i don't have enough room around it to fixture large work items down, or maintain the other side of the gantry (like checking that the bolts are not vibrating loose).
I try to think of every issue before it is a problem, but this one eluded me some how. i realize nobody is perfect, but it still pisses me off. the only solution i can think of is to make sure EVERYTHING is moveable. so when i am able to move it out of the camper, i can do so without upsetting much.


My CNC Router / Re: Progress with my CNC Router
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-03-16, 18:29:12 »
Installed the Perske 5HP spindle, and the Z-axis stepper. i haven't done any re-wiring yet, but perhaps tomorrow.
I also brought in the control computer in so i can move the components into a better looking case (my 4U server case). at some point, i really want to see about installing a network connection out there. it would simplify pulling files off the network, rather than having to use a USB drive.

My CNC Router / Re: Progress with my CNC Router
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-03-15, 08:45:45 »
i have seen pictures online of computers built into a desk, and they look kinda neat. i was thinking of doing this with my break-out boards, stepper drivers, and so forth. not so much to showcase it, but so i can build a removable glass lid, to make it easier to maintain the system, should the need arise. it will also give me a chance to redo the wiring a bit, so as to make it a bit more tidy, and easier to maintain.
i am also thinking of a slight redo of the computer. the case is old, and dirty. i have a 4U server case i am not using, due to the motherboard in it being more and more unreliable. so i will strip that motherboard out, and reuse the current CNC computer motherboard, and install it into the 4U case. this i just simply have to mount the case securely under the desk. while i am at it, i will find a better monitor for the computer, as the current one is a little unreliable.
now, the left side of the desk i will make, using the desk top already in my CNC camper, is cut to fit where it is in the camper. i will cut it off, and build a sort of toolbox for CNC tools and router bits. the whole system will still be removable, so when i get a more permanent location for the CNC, it can be moved there.

Other items on my ToDo list:
  • install new Z stepper, and wire-in the brake
  • change out the Makita router, for the 3 phase, 5HP spindal
  • change out the current power supplies, for the new ones

My CNC Router / Re: Progress with my CNC Router
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-03-09, 10:46:15 »
Just to catch up... i have ordered and received three 36Vdc power supplies (one for each axis). i have also ordered a VFD for my 5HP Perske spindle. i had originally intended to use my Makita RF1101 router, but upon thinking, it would deny me the use of my router for work, and i already had the Perske spindle anyway.

The VFD is only just enough for the spindle, and i know i should have stepped up, but i got what i could afford. i don't think i will be running the spindle at full load much anyway.

I still have to solder a connector onto the new Z-axis stepper motor wires, and i have to figure out how to run more wires up to the Z-axis area. i think i will start with just some light 3-wire cable. (for ground, brake release power, and laser power)

if it works out, i would like to mount my laser engraver head on my CNC, along with the spindle. this way i can do laser line-drawings on wood, without removing the spindle. we will see, as i am not sure how to mount it just yet.