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Team Fortress 2, Linux Server / Server Notes
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2020-01-31, 08:38:17 »
If it is running, it can be found on the steam list as "tjfhome.server", or just add my hostname to your favorites (
I primarily play Team Fortress 2, therefore, that is what my server runs for a game.
firstly, my internet connection only has a 0.75MB upload rate.  :( so i have reduced the max number of players to not lag the connection.

Model Trains / Re: DCC++: my modified version of the base station
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2020-01-04, 22:30:39 »
Just some thoughts and updates:
i am down-scaling the current capacity of the base-station, in favor of stability in programing. then i have only to create a DCC booster to get higher current for the layout. i have already ordered some of the components, and will proceed when they arrive.

first thing to do will be to make an adapter to support the Arduino motor shield, with custom pin routing. something that the IBT-2 cables can simply plug into.

also, i can reduce the power requirements for the base station. i can have just a single 15Vdc input, and use a simple LM7805 regulator to reduce the voltage down for the Arduino and TTL components.

the face of the enclosure will be adapted so i can easily make cutouts for various things. i think i will use a piece of 1/4 inch acrylic, and use my CNC router to mill out the cutouts.

Arduino Projects / Re: Weather Station
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-12-24, 08:18:21 »
Just had some thoughts on this project...
Now that my camper has steady power, and a network connection, it is my thinking to revisit this project.

now that i have a MQTT server on the network, it would be simple to update the code to connect via network, and publish the weather data to my MQTT server. then i can make another project that uses a Nextion screen to display the weather data from the MQTT server. i could also add the data, dynamically to my website.

My CNC Router / Re: Progress with my CNC Router
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-11-02, 12:35:59 »
I forgot to mention, i purchased a safety charge pump detector, from here:, and it is my plan to use the relay to drive another set of relays for such tasks as applying/removing power to the stepper drivers, and also to apply/remove power from the spindle VFD. i haven't worked out the details of the VFD power yet, as they don't really like having power added and removed within short time-spans.
my first thought would be to use an Arduino as a turn-off delay, perhaps after 2.5 minutes. i will have to play with the detector, when it arrives, to see exactly how it reacts. if the charge pump starts as soon as the EMC program fires up, that would be better than if it does so every time the machine power is turned on or off.

My CNC Router / Re: Progress with my CNC Router
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-11-02, 09:11:07 »
So, first of all, i have converted my machine configuration from mm, to inches. had some setbacks, but those are cleared up now. i also have the tool length sensor installed, though it is in a temporary location, it does work. i have also remapped M6 to run a G-code script (attached), and after some careful measurements, it seems to work perfectly. when i mount the tool sensor permanently, i may have to adjust some values in the script.

now, my wireless pendant (XHC HB04) seems to have a bit of an issue, or rather, two issues. the first is unstable wireless link over a short distance from the computer (USB receiver dongle). my thinking is to simply use a USB extension cable to move the USB dongle closer to the machine, where i use the pendant the most. the second issue is the lack of battery supply whenever i go to use the pendant. i turn it off every time i am done with it, but the batteries are almost always dead when i go to use the pendant the next session. my idea is to use a stretchy cord to supply 3Vdc to the pendant from the CNC power supply (via a voltage regulator, of course). failing that, i may just upgrade the battery to a high capacity lithium ion (18650) rechargeable. perhaps with a Qi (inductive) charger built in.

Network Administration / Re: redoing the server rack
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-10-05, 20:05:11 »
Notes: (* = Connected)
P01 -> WLAN *
P02 -> FreeNAS2-a *
P03 -> FreeNAS2-b
P04 -> FreeNAS2-c
P05 -> FreeNAS2-d
P06 -> FreeNAS-a *
P07 -> FreeNAS-b
P08 -> tjfhome-a *
P09 -> tjfhome-b
P10 -> FreePBX-a *
P11 -> FreePBX-b
P12 -> APCUPS *
P13 -> WiBridge *

Network Administration / Re: redoing the server rack
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-09-22, 10:45:06 »
been a while since i updated.  :tango_face_plain:
i have the analog phone lines going to my FreePBX server POTS card run up to the patch panel, with RJ11 jacks for each line broken out.
I noticed too, that the outdoor-grade CAT-5e cable i have is a little stiff for rack wiring, but i will have to make do.
I would like to re-organize the servers at some point. they are currently just stacked on top of each other. i would like to either mount each server on slide rails, or at least have a shelf for each server. in case i have to pull out a server, i don't want to have to unstack all the servers to get to the bottom one.
I also really need to setup a Raspberry Pi as a UPS monitor to shut-down the servers in the event of a power failure. i think it will even wake-on-lan (WOL) the servers when the power returns.

Network Administration / Re: Dell PE R710
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-09-10, 22:21:48 »
 Change of plans... gonna use it for a FreeNAS file server, and run my website off it via a NFS connection.
i currently have two 200GB SAS drives in RAID 1 for the FreeNAS OS, and the two 2TB SAS drives that came with it will buddy up with the other 2TB SAS drives i have on order to complete the FreeNAS.

Network Administration / Dell PE R710
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-08-31, 11:06:52 »
Just bought a Dell PowerEdge R710 (3.5 X6), and i plan to migrate my web-server to it. it will host various pages using Apache Virtual-Host. the older Dell PowerEdge 1950 will be shutdown, and kept as a spare, pending a use for it.
This transition will allow further upgrades to be possible, and as the R710 is *newer*, i assume it will be more energy efficient.
I have 6 drive bays available, and it comes with 2x 2TB drives. i am unsure what RAID level would be best, but i think i will use RAID 5, as my data isn't super critical, and it would be nice to have the maximum usage + redundancy. i could also use RAID 6... probably more reliable. it comes with 2 drive caddies, and i have ordered 4 more, so when i can afford it, i will need to buy 4 more drives.

Model Trains / DCC++: my modified version of the base station
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2019-08-25, 13:18:19 »
Using the schematic here: , and the Arduino code from here: , i have updated my old prototype to include my Adafruit WiFi module. with the exception of memory usage, the circuit could be mounted on an Arduiono UNO. but because of the memory usage, i opted to use an Arduino MEGA2560. the WiFi module is from here: , with the UFL adaptor cable, and external antenna. the motor drivers are a pair of IBT_2 from eBay.

At some point, i would like to add a 20X4 I2C LCD screen for basic status reporting of such things like IP address, track power status, etc...

my plan is to build the base station into some sort of enclosure (hence the use of the WiFi module with the external antenna), and use an ATX computer power supply, plus a switching power supply for track power to the motor drivers, activated via a relay powered from the ATX power supply. i am currently torn between using a rack-mount enclosure for the base station, or a smaller unit. i could also build it into a wooden enclosure of some type. i think the rack-mount may provide the easiest mounting, but the wooden enclosure may prove cheaper to build, and modify.