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Model Trains / My DCC++ setup
« Last post by travis_farmer on July 31, 2020, 05:28:01 am »
Currently, i am using an Arduino MEGA2560, with an Adafruit WiFi module, and a Arduino Motor Shield. my version of the DCC++ code allows the use of MCP23017 chips (I2C I/O Expander), using my own MCP23027 library (modified Adafruit library).
while both Main and Program tracks are currently on the Arduino Motor Shield, i plan on using an IBT-2 for the Main track, to allow for more current.

General Discussion / A note about this forum, from the Admin
« Last post by travis_farmer on June 29, 2020, 05:35:19 am »
Firstly, this is MY forum, as i run it on my own set of servers, and i don't want any crap on it. yes, the forum is FREE to join, for anybody that respects it. but i don't want any political, religious, sales (SPAM), and certainly NO PORN, of any kind! this is a publicly viewable forum, so respect the other viewers/posters. and on that note, NO BULLYING!

please try and respect the forum categories. if the category (group of boards) or Board (group of posts) is about boats, why would you post all about your new ATV?  ;)
categories and boards can be created on request. post the request in the "Forum and Website" board AS A VOTE, so it can be voted on by other members.

Thank You!
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