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My Project Boat / Re: Rebuild Notes
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2020-05-16, 18:41:32 »
limb is removed, but not yet cut up, as the sawzall battery died shortly after removing the last branch (as did mine, for that matter ;) ). the boat sustained no visible damage, as yet discovered. the tarp is a total loss. the engine still turns over, so maybe i can get a first start of the season video. possibly tomorrow, if i remember. the battery still had a charge from last year, so there may be hope for it. i have it on a bulk/float charger, and will leave it overnight to charge up. it was taking only 3.5A when i last checked it. so i don't think i have to spend any money on a battery yet.

so, tomorrow, check oil, and if it looks usable, i will try a first start, if i have gas available (and remember to turn on the camera).

there may be some non-monetary things i can work on as well. like a new piece of something to cover the engine box. even just scrap plywood will be fine. maybe something too, if i could figure out something to keep rain water from running down on top of the engine, like some sort of gutter, under the engine box. just to divert water around it, will be fine.

the coupler between the engine and out-drive shaft... is scary at best. i bodged it up, just to get it together, but i don't like it at all. if i can find a machine shop to alter a coupler i have that fits the out-drive shaft splines, so it bolts correctly onto the engine output shaft/flywheel, i will be much farther ahead in the situation.
still have to finalize the boat roof, and windshield. fix the hole in the keel, fix the trailer, finish the wiring... so just a few things to do.

My Project Boat / Re: Rebuild Notes
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2020-05-16, 11:27:01 »
well, a tree limb fell on my boat, from a winter storm. i don't think there is much damage, but time will tell.
I also mistakenly left the battery in over the winter... i doubt it is worth much now...

General Project Brainstorms / Re: DIY standby generator
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2020-05-09, 17:12:42 »
Bought (and received) a Chinese Generator controller; an MeBay DC62D!
i have also ordered a set of CT current sensors for it (not yet arrived). all i need is to source an engine, a generator head, and a way to govern the engine speed. but slow progress is being made.

just trying to fine-tune the design a bit.

been a while since i worked on this project...

i have updated the circuit to simplify it. it now draws power from the XLR Phantom power (48V). i will be reducing power using simply a voltage divider (10K : 2.2K), so that it draws very little current, i hope.

got the adapter plug a while back, and everything seems to be running perfectly. currently i am using an Xbee to join the Rpi and generator connection. i have purchased a TCP/IP serial server, so i will soon get that setup. I have also purchased a Rpi UPS board from China, though it has not yet been delivered. (slow boat from China...)

Raspberry Pi / Generator Monitor: via GenMon on a Raspberry Pi 3B+
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2020-04-02, 22:17:12 »
In relation to a GitHub project by jgyates, called genmon.

I currently have the software (Python scripts) running on a Rpi 3B+, with Raspbien 10 (Buster). i have ordered the adapter plug to make an RS232 cable to connect to my Honeywell (Generac) 15KW, air-cooled, LP gas generator. i have also ordered a Serial Server, so that i can connect a shorter RS232 cable between that and my generator, and use a more stable (over distance) Ethernet cable connected to my network. the software then connects to the Serial Server, and communicates with the generator.
now, it will take a while for my Serial Server to arrive from the slow-boat from China, so in the mean-time, i found my two Xbee transceivers, and an RS232 adapter (converts TTL serial to RS232 serial). so after i make the RS232 cable, i can connect it to my generator, and see if it all works.
still waiting for the adapter plug though...

Network Administration / Re: Dell PE R710
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2020-02-12, 00:40:51 »
this is now my All-in-one server
Network Administration / Re: Dell PE 1950
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2020-02-12, 00:40:03 »
Network Administration / Re: Generic 4U server
« Last post by Travis Farmer on 2020-02-12, 00:39:16 »