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Title: Weather Station
Post by: Travis Farmer on 2018-12-10, 19:50:21
this project has been in the works for a while, but it was originally documented on the Arduino forum. then one of the moderators turned completely sociopathic, and banned me, and deleted all my posts. i still don't know why, as they are far too cowardly to explain themselves. but anyhow, i will just re-document it from memory here, though i will likely forget some of the info.

Hardware involved:

the software involved can be found on my GitHub, HERE (
Updates to follow.

Title: Re: Weather Station
Post by: Travis Farmer on 2019-12-24, 08:18:21
Just had some thoughts on this project...
Now that my camper has steady power, and a network connection, it is my thinking to revisit this project.

now that i have a MQTT server on the network, it would be simple to update the code to connect via network, and publish the weather data to my MQTT server. then i can make another project that uses a Nextion screen to display the weather data from the MQTT server. i could also add the data, dynamically to my website.