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Title: making the 20' "Bucket Base" vertical, higher off the ground
Post by: Travis Farmer on 2018-06-06, 21:14:05
So, Wal-Mart sells (special order) a rather tall flag pole kit. what i want to do, is stick my 20' vertical on top. with my limited knowledge of antennas (can't learn without experimenting), i am sure it will not be a perfect antenna, but so-be-it.
I will have to insulate the antenna from the flag-pole. my thinking is to embed the base of the 20' sectional into another pipe, and fill epoxy around it. perhaps even some sort of Bondo product. that covers the antenna portion, but being off the ground, i can't just simply drive a metal stake into the ground, and connect it to the coax shield. i will need some sort of ground plane, that i think has to be also insulated from the flag pole. i can take some aluminum rod, and arrange them into a sort of cone, below the antenna. the problem with this, is putting out, and taking in the antenna will be more time consuming. i will have to think more on that aspect... maybe just 4 radials, with a sort of quick disconnect system... i also don't want to impale myself when lowering the antenna to work on it, or take it in. maybe if rather than a cone, if i have flat radials, perpendicular to the antenna.