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Title: My (Admin) Current system.
Post by: Travis Farmer on 2020-02-03, 19:30:54
so, currently, i have a Solar MPPT charge controller (EPEver Tracer 40A) that is currently connected to a 15V 30A power supply, just to keep the batteries topped off while i get the rest figured out. eventually, i plan to mount solar panels on the roof of my Man Cave (formerly a 29ft camper trailer). i currently have 1 (yes, one) 100W panel, but as it is not enough to maintain the battery (currently just 40Ah) due to winter, i have not yet mounted it.

I am also going to add a wind turbine, that i have already. it is an unknown brand (Chinese?), 800W 3-phase head, with 5 blades. it came with a weak charge controller, though i will be designing and building my own. i have the 3-phase full-wave bridge rectifier (1600V 100A), and a 1600W resistor dump load, as well as a 600W hot-water heater element.
the idea will be that when the battery is not taking 100% of the charge from the turbine, i will use PWM from an Arduino to try and balance the load between the battery, and the hot-water heater. but when the hot water heater is up to temperature, the water heater portion of the load will be diverted to the resistive load. the heat from the water heater, in the winter, will be circulated through a heater core, and be used to heat the Man Cave. the water will be swapped for antifreeze. the heater fan and the circulation pump will be thermostatically controlled, providing the water heater has heat. otherwise it may drain the battery in the winter, with no wind to heat it. the resistive dump load however, is the backup, and will dump heat outside. it will be ducted in metal ducting, in case of over heating. the fan for this will also be thermostatically controlled, to reduce battery drain.

the batteries will be internally stored lead-acid, but i will install provisions to vent these to the outside. probably just natural convection, will suffice. i will cut out the floor, in places, and use both 1/4" hardware cloth, and fiberglass screening to allow venting, and prevent critters from passing through. the upper vent will be some louvers through to the outside, with the same screening. may add fans if needed, but i don't think it will be. the battery box will be insulated to the inside, to prevent heat loss in winter.

Title: Re: My (Admin) Current system.
Post by: Travis Farmer on 2020-02-03, 19:39:08
i decided to use the camper's old awning pole as the wind turbine pole. it is 1/8th, or close to it, extruded aluminum, with 3 ribs, that should add strength. unsure of exact dimensions, but the diameter is about 3 1/8 inches, and 20+ feet tall, when mounted vertically.
I will mount it using some sort of hinged base plate (maybe, maybe not), and some sort of saddle/clamp fixture up near the roof of the camper (Man Cave). i hope that will be enough. the turbine wire will simply hang down the middle. i will support the wire internally, so that the weight is not on the electrical connectors.