My Youtube Channel

ok, i have a YouTube channel, though i have not yet figured out what i will do with it.

My DIY CNC Router

My CNC router table is based on a Techno/ISEL gantry machine. i run LinuxCNC for control software.

Ham Radio

I passed my Technician level exam on 09-09-2017, and i still await my Licence.

My Web Server

I run my own personal webserver on a Dell PowerEdge R710, running CentOS Linux Operating System.

  About Me

What can i say... i am a bit nuts, but who isn't these days? I live in North-Eastern USA, roughly middle-aged, and i like to work on projects to keep my mind focused (and relativly sane).
to the right are some of my longest running projects. for more recent project news, check my Forum. i hope in the future to document some on my YouTube channel.
My Projects

My Projects

  1. YouTube Channel
  2. DIY CNC Router
  3. 1973 23' Project Boat
  4. My Linux web server
  5. Ham Radio
  6. Arduino
  7. Raspberry Pi

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My CNC Router began as base frame of a Techno/ISEL Gantry table, and with the use of LinuxCNC, and some eBay hardware, i have brought it to life.
LinuxCNC is FREE (Open Source), and very powerfull. I highly recomend it for anybody looking to bring their DIY CNC to life, or even retrofit a production machine.

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Server Rack

Server Rack

Dell PE R710: CentOS 8 - HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, SMB.
Dell PE 2950: FreePBX - VoIP Phone Server
Raspberry Pi 3 B+: GenMon - Generac Generator Monitor.

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