My Projects

This web server: This is a Dell PowerEdge 1950, running CentOS Linux. it is mounted into a half-rack that i built myself. the rack is fully enclosed, and power vented via an inlet filter, and a pair of car radiator fans driven by a RWP Mini2560 (based on an Arduino MEGA2560, but smaller). it is still in the rough prototype phase, but currently works great!

My Franken-Drum: lets see if i can remember all the parts. the drum rack is from a Roland E-Drum kit. the controller (brain) is an Alesis DM5. the pads are from a cheap Pyle kit, though the cymbal triggers are Pintec. the kick pad is a Yamaha, and the hi-hat pedal is an Alesis. i currently use Ahead Classic Series Drumsticks - 5ABS.

1973 Cruisers Inc. Marlin 23: this is my project boat.


  1. build new roof
  2. replace chewed/rotten wiring
  3. Fix Hull
  4. install upper steering cable down to lower
  5. replace rollers on trailer
  6. Exhaust Manifolds
  7. alternator
  8. Change engine oil
  9. fix outdrive

Other Mods
(not in any order)

Re-build notes

YouTube Channel: ok, i have a YouTube channel, though i have not yet figured out what i will do with it. but here is the equipment i have to use.
Video Equipment

  1. Cannon T2i (550D) DSLR camera
  2. Cannon 28 - 80mm Lense
  3. Tascam DR-60D mkII 4-track digital audio recorder
  4. MIC-05 Condenser DV Stereo Microphone (on order)
  5. Kore Aviation P1 headset (to be converted to stereo for monitoring audio, and voice commentary)

Other availible equipment
  1. Sony MXP-29 audio mixer
  2. ... (to be finished)

Other Projects

1988 Honda GL1500:My GoldWing may be a bit on the rough side, but i am working to bring it back to glory. it has over 100K miles on it, but i hope with proper maintenance, i can get it to 200K.


  1. gear shift shaft seal
  2. Fix reverse

Other Mods
(not in any order)

Ham Radio



I passed my Tech exam on 2017-09-09, though my license is still pending.