My Projects

Linux TF2 Dedicated Server:


  1. ---

Other Mods
(not in any order)
Server notes

Techno/Isel CNC Router: this is my woodworking CNC router.


  1. setup E-stop circuits
  2. install new limit and home switches
  3. remake dust shoe to fit spindle
  4. order a 1/2inch and 1/8inch collet for spindle
  5. Build partition between CNC, and control desk

Other Mods
(not in any order)
Project notes

1973 Cruisers Inc. Marlin 23: this is my project boat.


  1. finish new roof
  2. Fix Hull
  3. install upper steering cable down to lower
  4. install bunks on trailer
  5. Exhaust Manifolds (~$600)
  6. Change engine oil
  7. check outdrive for correct gearing (~$782)

Other Mods
Not in any specific order.
(* = not complete)

Re-build notes

Other Projects

YouTube Channel: ok, i have a YouTube channel, though i have not yet figured out what i will do with it. but here is the equipment i have to use.
Video Equipment

  1. Cannon T2i (550D) DSLR camera
  2. Cannon 28 - 80mm Lens
  3. small DV camcorder
  4. Tascam DR-60D mkII 4-track digital audio recorder
  5. MIC-05 Condenser DV Stereo Microphone (on order)
  6. Kore Aviation P1 headset (to be converted to stereo for monitoring audio, and voice commentary)

Other availible equipment
  1. ... (to be finished)

Ham Radio



I passed my Tech exam on 2017-09-09, though my license is still pending.