My Projects

Techno/Isel CNC Router: this is my woodworking CNC router.


  1. setup E-stop circuits
  2. build controls into desk, with glas top, and EMI shieldng
  3. install new limit and home switches
  4. remake dust shoe to fit spindle
  5. order a 1/2inch and 1/8inch collet for spindle
  6. Build partition between CNC, and control desk

Other Mods
(not in any order)
Project notes

This web server: This is a Dell PowerEdge 1950, running CentOS Linux. it is mounted into a 27U rack. the rack is a 4-post open-frame design

My Franken-Drum: lets see if i can remember all the parts. the drum rack is from a Roland E-Drum kit. the controller (brain) is an Alesis DM5. the pads are from a cheap Pyle kit, though the cymbal triggers are Pintec. the kick pad is a Yamaha, and the hi-hat pedal is an Alesis. i currently use Ahead Classic Series Drumsticks - 5ABS.

1973 Cruisers Inc. Marlin 23: this is my project boat.


  1. finish new roof
  2. Fix Hull
  3. install upper steering cable down to lower
  4. install bunks on trailer
  5. Exhaust Manifolds (~$600)
  6. Change engine oil
  7. check outdrive for correct gearing (~$782)

Other Mods
Not in any specific order.
(* = not complete)

Re-build notes

YouTube Channel: ok, i have a YouTube channel, though i have not yet figured out what i will do with it. but here is the equipment i have to use.
Video Equipment

  1. Cannon T2i (550D) DSLR camera
  2. Cannon 28 - 80mm Lense
  3. Tascam DR-60D mkII 4-track digital audio recorder
  4. MIC-05 Condenser DV Stereo Microphone (on order)
  5. Kore Aviation P1 headset (to be converted to stereo for monitoring audio, and voice commentary)

Other availible equipment
  1. Sony MXP-29 audio mixer
  2. ... (to be finished)

Other Projects

1988 Honda GL1500:My GoldWing may be a bit on the rough side, but i am working to bring it back to glory. it has over 100K miles on it, but i hope with proper maintenance, i can get it to 200K.


  1. Get inspection sticker
  2. gear shift shaft seal
  3. Fix reverse

Other Mods
(not in any order)

Ham Radio



I passed my Tech exam on 2017-09-09, though my license is still pending.